Friday, October 4, 2013

Ultraman Galaxy Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Ultraman Galaxy Basic Guide

You can choose up to 4 cards for each team.
Attack Point
AP is needed to be able to attack. You lose once you run out of AP.
Battles will be based on the symbols in the combo.
You can set up to 5 lines to have higher chances of earning combos. Setting up lines increase AP cost per attack.
Attack Combo
The matching attack symbols will enable the same color cards to attack.
Heal Combo
The healing symbol will heal all party members.
Team Combo
Team symbols enable all of your cards to attack.
Matching 3 Ultra symbols will enable the leader card to activate an ultra skill.
You can use the cards skills for battle if available

Ultraman Galaxy Advance Guide

X2 Attack
Use X2 Attack to multiply your team's damage by 2.5 but it also double the cost of AP.
Attack Wild
Team and Ultra symbols can also be used as an attack symbol.
Locking slots allow you to have higher chances of getting better combos but requires more AP.
There are 4 types of elements in the game. Each element has strengths and weaknesses.
Fire Element
Fire is effective against nature.
Water Element
Water is effective against fire.
Earth Element
Earth is effective against water.
Nature Element
Nature is effective against earth.
Draw Cards
Friendly draw requires friend points. The cards that you would get are mostly normal to semi rare cards. Ultra draw requires crystals.
Card Level up
You can level up your cards by combining it with other cards.
Ultra Morph
You can ultra morph your card once it has reached maximum level.

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