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Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Guide Cheats Tips for Android Game/iOS

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Beginner Guide

Create three in a row to perform a basic attack.
After you swap tiles, your enemy takes a turn.
Tap a glowing tile to activate a hero's power.
A minion is attacking. Tap on it to see what happens when the countdown reaches 0.
Clear pistol/skull tile before the countdown reaches 0.
Destroying tiles earns Action Points (AP) and charge up your hero's superpowers.
See how much AP you have saved up by tapping on |>).
The enemy in front takes the damage you dish out. Tap on an enemy in the back to make them your new target.
Icons on tiles tell you who attacks when you match them.
The hero who attacks first  is vulnerable to enemy attacks this turn.
Using Danger Room technology, S.H.I.E.L.D. has a created an advanced training simulator. Here you can compete against other players and their teams in Versus missions.
Super heroes use the environment to their advantage. Matching environment tiles charges special powers.
Matches with anything and makes the match more powerful.
Destroy this tile within 5 turns, or the enemy attack will succeed. The tough guy pops off a quick shot, dealing 20 damage.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Skills

Repulsor Blast
A high impact kinetic blast from Iron Man's hand deals 50 damage to the target.
Widow's Sting
A dart from black widow's bracelets strikes the target and releases an electrical charge, stunning them for 2 turns.
Thunder Strike
A lightning bolt pierces the sky and rips into the target, dealing 85 damage. A strom is brewing; 5 green tiles are added to the board
Arrow Stab
No bow, no problem. Clint lunges forward, arrow in hand, clearing a selected row and dealing damage (But not generating AP)
Lightning Strike
Storm calls a blinding light bolt of electricity from the heavens, shattering 8 tiles, doing damage and earning AP for each.
Aggressive Recon
Natasha goes undercover to find her opponent's secrets. She steals 2 yellow, blue, red and green AP, undermining the enemy's plans and setting hers into motion.
Containment Breach
A high-energy phenomenon breaches its containment vessel, causing one random tile to become a Critical Tile.

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