Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mega Rush Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Mega Rush Guide

Power Ups

Speed Up: Icon Candy
Your character will run faster but your jumping is just normal, so jump only when there is a obstacles

Pushback: Icon Tornado
Summons tornado and will push back enemies.

Invincible: Icon Wand
Your character will have a bubble around it, any harmful power ups will not affect you.

Cut in Half: Icon Shuriken
When used it will throw horizontally and it may bounce back. You will be immune to the bounce back for a few seconds after you throw it.

Freeze Up: Icon Icicles
Similar to shuriken but it will only throw horizontally and it will not bounce back.

Freak out: Icon Clown
You will leave a box and when the enemy goes to the box, the clown will appear and knock back the enemy.

Electrocutes: Icon Thunder
Summons Thunder and electrocutes enemies.

Blow Up: Icon Bomb
Similar to freak out, you will leave a bomb and it will only detonates when an enemy pass through the bomb.

How to win a battle race?

  • Always tap the jump button when there is obstacles or a cliff. Enemies are very slow at climbing obstacles
  • Use other routes and preferably at above ground route. Enemies will always choose ground routes and when you are in the other routes, you will not be affected with some of the power ups like Shuriken, Icicles, Clown and Bomb
  • Some ground will be difficult to run, just jump to gain normal speed momentum.
  • Always use your power ups after you get it. Chances are few meters away you will get another power ups and remember power ups don't stack.
  • Importantly the faster you lead the race, the easier to run and finish the game. When you're behind to your enemies, you are vulnerable to all harmful power ups and when you're leading, you are just vulnerable with harmful power ups like Tornado and Thunder.

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