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Avenger Veil Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Avenger Veil Guide

Equipment is primarily obtained from completion of quests in PvE exploration.

Resources are obtained through farming and foraging, also resources are availble through quests, booty from PvP, and plunder from raiding castles.

Population will work the lands and contribut resources. They can operate business to generate gold. Lastly they can be recruited to serve as soldiers in your army.

Use Gold to enchant equipment and runes.
Wealth can aid you in the horror quest, Holy war daily quest. Alchemy stone, Training and Study.

Honor is required to upgrade your Lord. Available primarily through PVE, and Holy Trials, as well as actions such as building upgrade.

Glory is required for promoting heroes. Primary sources of glory are Holy Realm and World Boss Battle.

Deeds are available from Explore, Ladder Challenge, Holy Realm Battle, Deeds can be used by your heroes to upgrade their attributes.

Recover 3 Energy every 30 minutes, bonus 50 energy at 12:00 and 19:00 daily.

How to get Hero
Recruit heroes at the tavern, hero level increases according to color class: white, green, blue, purple and gold.

Higher Titles allow you to recruit more heroes and unlock new functions.

How to upgrade hero level
Hero level is based on 2 gained through battle, such as Explore. you can also purchase 2 books to quickly increase your hero experience.

What happens to equipment on heroes I dismiss?
If dimensional is successful, items will be returned to you by mail.

How to rapidly increase combat ability?
You can strengthen your hero by upgrading equipment, inlaying runes on his treasure, and upgrading your armories.

How to spend up building upgrades?
Use attributes points to increase politics and speed up your building time. Use diamonds to speed up your building and turbo charge your politics.

There are 11 different buildings in the game, each has its own unique functions.

Forge Upgrade
Work in the forge will increase Exp. and forge level will automatically be upgraded.

Battle Reports
Viewing the battle reports in the castle allows you to watch  replays of your previous battles.

Players attack my city
A city that is attacked will suffer loss of resources but a good wall defense plan will reduce the losses and may even turn the tide on the attackers!

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