Friday, October 11, 2013

Hero Academy Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats Android/iOS Game

Hero Academy Guide

Tap a hero on your rack to select him.
Tap a deploy zone on the board to place the hero.
Archer shoots distant targets for high damage.
Long Range and High Damage make the archer a powerful hero.
Knight's attack can knock enemies back.
The knight's knockback can be used to control the board and push the enmy into a new position.
The action point wheel shows youhow many moves you have left.
Equipment can be added to your heroes to make them stronger.
Select a piece of equipment on the tile rack, then select one of your heroes.
Equipment can make your heroes do more damage, or protect them from harm.
Unconscious which means your opponent might be able to revive his/her.
You need to walk/stomp them to completely eliminate the enemy hero and his/her equipment.
There are two types of damage in the game - physical and magical.
Some heroes resist one type better than the other.
One way to defeat the enemy is by destroying his crystals.
Another way to defeat the enemy is by destroying his entire team.