Friday, October 11, 2013

Grandpa's Table Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats Android/iOS Game

Grandpa's Table Guide

Gain three stars to get a coin. You can use them to solve the difficult puzzles. By collecting stars you can also unlock the secret puzzles.
Every puzzle hides a memento

It needs three coins if you want to solve a difficult puzzle. You need to cover every star in puzzle to gain a new coin

To play puzzle, support the development of great games by "Unlock for Free" "Buy Unlock" "Watch an Ad"

Unlock free
You need to have 6 Diamonds to remove ads.
You can get diamonds by checking partner offers (TapJoy).

Buy Unlock
Remove all ads 2.99 PLN or Approx 1 USD.

Watch an Ad
Watch a single full screen ad.