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Electro Girl (Card Battle) Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Electro Girl Guide

About Stories
You'll earn experience and Qualia from completing Stories. Along the way you can also find Parts and gain Androids

Gradually depletes as you Quest through the World.
Depletes after each Battle or Raid.
Depletes after other players initiate battles against you.
◆Status Point Regeneration
Status points renegerate +1 per minute. All status points are fully regenerated

About Experience Points
Earn enough EXP per level and you will Level Up.
All of your HP, AP, and DP will fully regenerate, and moreover you'll gain one point per Stat.
You can choose to Auto-Allocate the points, or you can put all of them into one Stat

About Qualia
Qualia is our Currency.
Qualia is necessary for enhancing and evolving
About Parts
There are six sets of Parts, each with six pieces per set. Collecting all of them will reward you
About Story Bosses
As you story, you'll encounter bosses.
When you fight against a boss, your Deck Leader and up to two of your Team Member's Deck Leaders can join your fight.

About Story Bosses
As you deal damage to the boss, your strike points will be depleted.
You can use Ampoule to fully replenish your Stat points while in battle.

About Skills
Skills can affect Normal battles and Raids and add great bonuses to the results of each.
The Skill Chance Rate differs from Skill to Skill.
The more Androids in battle, the higher the chance of a Skill being used.
(Regardless if an Android has a skill or not, a skill has a higher chance of being used
About Android
When you gain Androids, you have a greater chance of victory in both your battles and your boss fights.
From the start of the game, you can have up to 150 Androids.
If you exceed this number, the extra Androids will be gone forever
About Leaders
You can choose any Android to be the Leader of your Deck.
The leaders stats are multiplied by 1.5x
About Your Collection
Every Android you acquire will be added to your Collection.
If you collect enough Androids throughout the game, you can increase the number of Androids in your Storage, as well as take advantage
About Android Safeguards
From the Android Information screen, you can choose whether to Safeguard your Android.
Doing so allows you to prevent yourself from accidentally selling or using your Android for Evolving or Enhancement.
By tapping Unguard, you will break the Safeguard and can use the Android normally again.
About Enhancing
"Strengthened Androids" and "Raw Androids" can be chosen to Enhance any given Androids.
Enhancing your Androids enough will build up EXP and level up their Ranks and also their parameters by a given amount.
Your Android's rank differs by level.

About Skill Enhancement
By strengthening your "Skill Chip," your Skill Level can gradually increase.
The Skill Chips range from I-X, with the highest enhancing your Android's Skill Rate.
Also, depending on the skill, the amount it takes to reach the Max level is different.<
Caution: There are skills that can't be increased at all.
Other than your Skill Chips, your Skill Levels can't be directly improved.

About Evolving
The Greater Majority of Androids can be Evolved
Androids evolved must share the same name, and doing so will increase their Stat parameters respectively.
Androids that are evolved grow stronger, but the resulting Android only retains 5% of the parameters of each of the material Androids, meaning that its wise to enhance your material Androids before Evolving them, in order to maximize the added benefit for Evolving.
However, when you Evolve an Android, its Overall Level and its Skill Level will revert back to Level 1, meaning that you'll have to dedicate more time to enhancing the evolved Androids.
The progress of your Android's evolution is displayed in the top right hand corner.
Try evolving your Android's to their final Evolution!
Some Androids require a specific item or material Android in order to Evolve
In this case, the Android cannot evolve with other Androids of the same name

About Summons
There are many kinds of Summons
Android Summon:
1 = 200 Summon Points. You can receive one for free every day.
Premium Android Summon:
1 = 300 GCoins. You can receive Uncommon and Higher Ranked Androids from this pack.
Newbie Summon:
1 = 100 GCoins. You can only buy it once.

About Battle
When you battle with other Architects, there's a chance when you win that you can steal one of their Fabled Parts
On the other hand, other players can choose to battle you.
If they win, they can steal some of your Qualia, and should your defenses falter, they could potentially take one of your Fabled Parts.
You can battle against the same Architect three times in one day, and this counter is reset
About Decks
In the Menu, tap on the Deck button to edit your Decks.
You can have up to 10 Androids in a Normal Deck and 5 Androids in a Raid Deck.
Before the battle starts, one Android Deck is automatically selected from your Deck List based on Priority.
You can adjust the priority of a deck by up to 3, the higher number being chosen first in priority.
※Recommended Stat Decks are automatically created and cannot have their priorities changed.

About Natural Disaster
If you attempt to battle with someone of a much lower level, a Natural Disaster occurs.
A Natural Disaster means an automatic defeat for the person attempting to start the battle.
When a Natural Disaster is about to occur, either Neo Wlll notify you.
Moreover, if someone of a low enough leyel to warrant a Natural Disaster attacks YOU first, you
can attack back without penalty.
BUT, you can only counter attack them as many
times as they attack you. Ex.
If they attack you twice, and you try to attack three times, the third time will result in a Natural Disaster.

About Teams
Joining a Team will allow you to join other Team Members in fighting bosses and Raids.
Moreover, if you receive Work from your Team Leader, you can gain an advantage in battle and
in your stories.
In order to join a Team, you must first apply to a Team of your choice. If you receive permission
from a Team Leader, you can join them.
Try searching for a Team. When you are over Level 20, you can make your
own Team.
Your Team can have up to 10 members at first. After that, your numbers can increase based
upon your Team Member's participation.
After making your own Team, try searching for good members!

About Team Leaders
When you are over level 20, you can make a Team.
Also, the person who creates the Team becomes the Team Leader.
A Team Leader can assign work to Team Members, Expel Members, Assign Members to
groups, Give Members certain powers in the Team, and break apart the Team altogether.
If the Team Leader wishes to relinquish his power to another Team Member, and that Team Member accepts the Transfer request, the power can be transferred and the Team Leader can be changed.

About Work
Work Bonuses give Architects an advantage in
Questing and Battling.
You can get and be dismissed from work by your Team Leader.

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