Friday, October 25, 2013

Block Gun 3D Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Block Gun 3D - Minecraft Style and Block Gun 3D: Halloween Hollow Guide

How to play and survive in Block Gun 3D?

There are 5 enemies that you should know about. 
Blue peeps(Walking)
Yellow peeps(Runner)
Red peeps(Doesn't walk but it shoots bullets.
UFO (Flying in the air while shooting bullets)
Boss (Big but very slow)

Tips In Game

When facing 3-4 enemies, you can forward at them while shooting and make sure you can kill them.
Making forward means preventing to be hit behind your back.
But when you are facing a mob, just run sideways in corners.
Blue peeps and the Boss are the easiest enemy to kill. 
While the rest needs constant moving, yellow peeps have the same running speed with you and the Red peeps and UFO always shoots at you so you really need to move.

Choosing the right upgrades

There are two money currency in Block Gun 3D, The color cubes and the white cubes.
You can obtain color cubes at 100% drop rate from all enemies.
While you can obtain white cubes at a small chance of drop rate from all ground type enemies.
Do not use white cubes in resurrecting in game because it doesn't worth at all.
This are the reason why you shouldn't revive your self with white cubes.
  1. The cycle of spawning of enemies are just in infinite loop from spawning a blue peeps to a boss. No increasing difficulties or giving rewards.
  2. White cubes are difficult to get.
  3. When you die, you can play again because this game is not like other games that have a stamina or lives that you can only play in a certain amount of time when failing a stage.
  4. You need white cubes to upgrade level 2 + weapons or skills.
The first upgrade that you should get is Increase Item Drop Rate.
It gives you higher chance to get weapons like ak47 thus giving you more firepower!
It gives you more chance to get white cubes for more upgrades.
After getting a level 2 Increase Item Drop Rate, get the upgrade for ak47.
When you have enough white cubes, just prioritize the Increase Item Drop Rate upgrade for more chances of getting a white cube.
Avoid upgrading armor and pistol, the reason of avoiding the armor is the same reason why you shouldn't use revive.
Why upgrade pistol if you have a higher chance of getting other powerful weapons.