Friday, September 6, 2013

Soul Ares 2 Kill Zombies Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Tap attack button to attack, hold it to attack continuous. Tap the attack button when the character squat it will perform squat attack. Your energy will restore when you strike the enemy and you can cast a unique skill point when your energy slot is full. You can use the DPAD to direction your skill. After you cast five times a unique skills, you'll be able to cast awake attack.

The monsters are divided into two groups, Soft and Hard. Sharp weapons is for Soft and Blunt weapons is for Hard. Big sword and Bow are Sharp weapons and Hammer and Chain whip are Blunt Weapons.

There will be an indicator if the weapon you use are correct or not. If the damage display is blue meaning your weapon is wrong, if it is red your weapon is correct.

Stoner belongs to hard monster and Zombie belongs to soft monster.

Use signet orbs to levelup your signet. There are 6 signets and you have to activate them one by one. The default activated signet is attack signet.

The poison signet, dizzy signet and death signet are invalid to boss.

Abyss Light and Poseidon Force has powerful attack damage, but they are slow in speed, use them to attack soft and hard monsters respectively.

Green soul drop by mobs can be used to increase the experience of characters, blue souls increased the experience of weapons.

The level of weapons is 10, you can activate ultimate socket after your weapon reach level 10.

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