Friday, September 6, 2013

DOTA 2 Items for Pudge

Pudge is known for his set of skills, the Meat Hook and Dismember. This skills are dangerous at early game and if Pudge is build correctly, pudge can create a havoc in teamfights and ganks. Therefore Pudge is very skill dependant and you need to level him fast as soon as possible. Mastering the Meat Hook is very hard and every successful hook you made, you are being a real Pudge. Getting the right items for Pudge is getting the right items AFTER early game.

Starting DOTA 2 Items for Pudge

 Gauntlet of Strength
 Iron Branch

Iron Branch is for + 1 stats because you need little HP and Mana. Clarity for mana regeneration because pudge needs mana for his skill Meat Hook. Pudge need tango to survive the lane and can use rot because of high HP pool and regeneration he gets from tango. Gaunlets of Strength gives another +3 strength and damage, and also needed for Urn of Shadows.

Core DOTA 2 Items for Pudge

 Hood of Defiance
 Phase Boots
 Urn of Shadows

Get boots for movement speed and the upgrade it for Phase boots, you only need the instant fast movement speed of Phase boots. Upgrade your Gaunlets of Strength to Urn of Shadows, it gives mana regeneration and heal/dot. Get Hood of Defiance to abuse your rot and for magic reduction damage also. When you get HoD just use your rot in enemy creeps or in neutral creeps. Vanguard gives you a block damage, another HP regeneration and a good bonus HP. It is needed for pudge to tank those enemies attack and coupled with Flesh Heap and Hood of Defiance.

Luxury DOTA 2 Items for Pudge

 Heart of Tarrasque
Shiva's Guard

Heart of Tarrasque is loved by those tanky heroes and one of those is Pudge. You have Hood of Defiance, Vanguard and Heart of Tarrasque, those items make Pudge a hard tank with the help of his Flesh Heap. But there is one thing that those three items don't have and makes you an ultimate tanker. Pudge needs an armor, the only item that has an armor and also synergize well with his skills is Shiva's Guard. It gives armor and an aura that slows the attackspeed of nearby enemies.