Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shiva The Time Bender Guide for Android/iOS Game

Shiva The Time Bender Guide

Collect as many as orbs you can.
Jump by tapping anywhere of the left side of your screen.
Attack enemies by tapping anywhere on the right side of your screen.
Tap to activate weapons in inventory
tap and hold the time reversal button to turm back time.
this skill makes shiva the time bender unique from running  endless game.

You have 10000 orbs and orbs are your money currency in game.
You can unlock avatar and powers through your orbs.

There are several seconds gap for the setting/location to be changed automatically.

Consumables are decent but I prefer to use the default weapon to save orbs and invest for powers.
Invest only for upgades because these upgrades are lifetime

list of powers
- Boost
- Weapons
- Upgrades

Upgrades are the best to upgradcce, boost and weapons are consumable only.

Priority the Jump higher upgrade but you can also try the stay bigger or rage on.
Increase Health are costly and you do have the time backward travel is enough already.

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