Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lucky Fields Guide, Tips and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Lucky Fields Guide

Authorize lucky fields to your social networking accounts.
To harvest crops, tap the bed with the plant you want to harvest, then drag the sickle over it.
You can usually collect two plants from a bed, each of which can then be planted again.
Plant all the beds with any seeds to start planting.
You can buy any items in the store by dragging them out.
Every level up, you will unlock new items and objects and you will received some rewards.
Always feed your animals like for chickens, you need to feed them so that your chicken can lay an eggs.
You can also buy a feed mill at the store.
To start production, tap the mill, then drag the feed into an empty container.
Sometimes locals will come to your farm and ask to buy goods from you.
You can move objects by tapping and holding them, and you can destroy rocks and trees on your farm for experience.
You can visit your friends neighbor to buy items.

Feed Mill
It can create Chicken feeds, required Wheat x2 and Potato x1.
Pancake Shop
Create Whole Wheat Pancake, requires Wheat x3.

This guide is incomplete, because this game is new. I need more time to play this game so that I can finish the guide.

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