Friday, September 20, 2013

LEGO Pullback Racers Guide, Tips, Cheats and Strategy for Android/iOS Game

LEGO Pullback Racers Guide

I will share some tips and guides for Lego Pull Back Racers.
There are TWO Lego racing car to play with and you can only choose one.
This two lego racing is different with each other, the second lego which costs 100 gear/coins is better than the first one.
In Lego Pull Back there are upgrades for Lego racing cars but the buying of upgrades are separate for each car.
To save time and coins/gears pick the second lego racing as soon as possible.

These are the three upgrades for your lego

  • Steering
  • Pull Back Distance
  • Speed
The upgrades can only be accessible when you finished a race.
In every upgrade, the upgrade will increase too. Upgrades cost scales 50/150/300 gears/coins.
To save coins/gears when buying upgrades is to buy equal distribution of level for all three upgrades meaning you should buy the 1st level upgrade for Steering, Pull Back Distance and Speed rather than focus on one upgrade.
In my opinion, I buy steering first than Pull back distance and speed because I have difficulty on steering a fast lego. It is harder to control your lego when you have a level 2 Speed with level 1 steering compared to level 2 steering with level 1 speed.
It depends on your preference and Lego driving skills.
Also pay attention to the in-game boosts as this will help you to go to the finish line while saving pull backs.
Saving Pull Backs and time will earn you coins/gears
There are 10 stages for Lego Pull Back Race and there is coins/gears required for it.
Get all upgrades as soon as possible to easily obtain the coins/gears for each stages.

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