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Gravity Don't Let Go Guide, Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

1. Rescue and Return

Detach from the Canadarm

Tap white circles as quickly as possible in order to detach your self from the arm. Circles will highlight green if Tap is successful

For the first  8-10 circles please wait for the circles to be 3/4 fill for you to tap them quickly. This will save you time because I noticed that there is time limit in this mission regardless of how many circles you tapped.
After for the first 8-10, tap the circles quick as you can.

Stabilize Yourself

Swipe clockwise or counter clockwise in a circular motion to compensate for your momentum and stabilize. Circle will highlight green when you swiping in correct direction. continue swiping until stabilized.

Just swipe clockwise quickly enough and if clockwise don't work try counter clockwise. After you partially stabilize just swipe quickly diagonally anywhere on your screen. If your swipe turns red try another anywhere of your screen until your swipe turns green. When you're swipe turns green, quickly swipe that area untill it will completely stabilize.

Rescue your crew-member

Control your eva suit using the thruster controls to find and rescue your crew member. Crew member's distance and direction are indicated by the green marker. Air supplies are low so you must be quick.

You only need 40 meters to be able to capture him.

Return to The International Space Station!

Navigate to the ISS Airlock with your tethered crew member. Oxygen levels continue to fall. Get to the airlock quickly.

You need atleast 10 meters and just slow down when you near 100 meters by just tapping the accelerator.

You've reached the airlock

Just swipe the handle clockwise.

2. Repair ISS

Repair Damaged ISS Components

Several areas of the ISS have been damaged. Control your eva suit to the damage areas, noted by the green marker. If oxygen supplies get low, return to the airlock to refill your supply. The position of the airlock is indicated on the screen by purple marker.

Go to the green marker and when it turns circle just tap [HOLD] until it completes.

Retrieve ISS Components adrift in Space.

Fly towards the components adrift in space and pick them up before they fly out of range. Use these components to fix the ISS.

3. Soyuz Control

Control The Soyuz

The soyuze module has been detached from the ISS. Fly to the chenzou and dock. Avoid Debris.

This is the most difficult part in this game. When your are near 200 meters just forward very slow. Don't just wait and stop and avoid debris by waiting to pass behind you as it doesn't totally work since the debris will totally go to your position. Just quickly avoid them by going to the opposite direction of the debris. You only need 40 meters to be able to finish this part.

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