Friday, August 3, 2018

A Valiant Story Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

is a Real 3D mobile game MMORPG Adventure Masterpiece. 5 main jobs, Lolita, beauty, handsome and uncle ... There is always one that can satisfy your needs! He has a lot of freedom in style of game, battle and game. The invigorating abilities, the sensation of real coup, the boss's dungeon and the exciting PK! Free trading system, Cute pet, Cool flying mountain, Beautiful wings and fashion ... It's time to start a new journey!

【Game features】
1. Combine and start the adventure on the continent

It can be combined with a player of a higher level in the game, chat by voice chat, complete the task and enjoy the landscape on dry land. With a double possibility, you can make friends while you enjoy the adventure.

2. Defeat the boss, passionate PK
Challenge BOSS to get powerful teams, with the innovative Temple Dungeon Creation, Soul Train, and so on, enjoy the gameplay the other way. Do you want to show your strength? Compete with friends from the continent to win the highest honors in the arena.

3. Cute pets, go and pass it
There are also nice pets that you can capture freely in the game, guiding you in your adventure and fighting with you.

4. Unique costume, lovely wings
Lush fashion heap, cool gentleman style, sweet and cute bunny, cute Lolita dress, dressed in your own style. There are also cooler wings to mix and match, improve combat power and at the same time enhance the charm.

5. Wedding system
Unique wedding system, creates exclusive fashion for couples, unlocks the new and exclusive wedding employee, skills for weddings and wedding rings and the unique Guardian Constellation pair.

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