Monday, April 2, 2018

Life Simulator 2018 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Begin at the very least of Life Simulator 2018 and work of your own way. You have the power of hunger, curiosity and work, but you begin with nothing that you can do whatever you want. Life Experience For your device
Prepare your behavior, achieve goals, buy and sell, improve your skills, and live your life. Find a job or start your business, it's in your hands here, you decide how you live your life. There is nothing more than you are in your control. Being successful, and you can finally know the purpose of life

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I love the game and are not striving at school but in the end it is like that, before I managed to get 3 years and 4 years, I got a job and should go to the post 3. I would like to see skill in working relationships and similar functions such as military, police and nutrition. . With the ability to buy your own store, you do not have to work, such as once or a store or cafeteria.

Add any type of connection between multiplayer (for example, buy a business, group, store)

Get rid of the time required to buy or replace anybody who helped him go because I do not want him to tape for an hour

I really enjoyed the game like a lot, until my computer went into debate -125 mice every day, I left school and got my job to do to leave your job and boost my mood for play, but all the start debuff so I've come to the end I would say if it had some sort of such an egg system of Micro The game is one of the best because you do not think you've lost everything that, for example, the event of a meta milestones that keeps them from learning after a crush of new titles that will be the next game available. . As I look at it, but wants to lose everything from any case that it would enrage until the problem is not fixed by then I intend to continue to play the game I'm not

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