Monday, February 5, 2018

The Walking Dead: Our World Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to change my profile picture & avatar
If you want to change your profile picture and avatar while playing, check the top left corner of your game and tap on the portrait.

In the Portrait section you can choose a new portrait for yourself. This will also change your avatar on the map. The further you play, the more avatar options you unlock!

There you can also choose the background colour for your portrait.

Remember to tap on the Save Settings button to save your choices!
How do I level up?
Leveling up is pretty easy. You can increase your player level by upgrading the various cards in your collection, and completing the Weekly Challenges available to you.
I lost my game!
If you lost your save game data after you deleted the application or while transferring your game to another device, you can recover it via your Game Center or Google Play account.

If that doesn't work, first make sure you have your new game attached to your Google Play or your Game Center account. Then contact us from the in-game Settings providing the following information and labelling your message "I lost my account":
In-game player name of original game
In-game player level of original game
Name of guild from original game (if applicable)
Platform (Android, iOS)

Remember to send all the necessary information for a faster account recovery process!
I lost my progress in the game!
If the resources you have collected disappeared or if your upgrade hasn’t gone through, then it might be that you have experienced a small rollback.

This kind of rollback happens when your connection drops for some seconds and the game hasn’t yet saved your last actions. So when you get back into the game, you start from the state before your last actions were done. But don’t worry - this means that resources you have used during that time aren't lost.

You can prevent this “rollback” by tapping on the “Social” tab before closing your game. It will force the game to connect to the server in order to load the guild information, and therefore save your progress!

Note: Sometimes, you can experience a rollback if you open the game after it was minimized for a long time.
I’m out of energy and can’t go on a mission!
If you run out of energy, you cannot go into a new mission. Don’t worry though, you can find more energy drinks in the Stashes around your map.

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