Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Galactic Frontline Guide Cheats - CDKey Gift Coupon Codes & Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Fight in real time with players from around the world and reach the world ranking and participate in world events.
Walk through the galaxy to the epic story of our race - Teranes, Ensari and Zoltarian - as they fight for the prosperity and supremacy of the Galactic Frontline.

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As soon as the fight begins, the two sides will be at the end of the map. Each captain will order a ship, up to 4 people's security guards and up to 6 fighters. Applications required for designing units and skills. Electricity, high quality and upgrades are upgrades, upgrades, and feature features.
Boat is the root system of war, if the enemy is destroyed, then you are fighting. You should use your powers and decide on the basis of your opponent. Using the best of ideas at the time of the incident, with the best evangelix on this issue, the key to success is
Take the opportunity to kill your enemy's boat immediately and say the truth of fighting.

Join the battle waiting for the Galactic Frontline!

In real time, fight ever!
International Challenge!
Build and command an interstellar fleet!
Collect over 50 types of battles and other immune systems
Follow a story epic and explore a galaxy of warfare.
Be Peaceful Against The Best of the World!
Join International Competitions!