Sunday, January 7, 2018

Epic of 3 Kingdoms Guide Cheats - Gift Coupon Codes & Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The three epic questions of the states are now! (Aha!). Now what we can do is tell you that some of the biggest frontiers of the year for you! We hope you like the general questions we offer! Apart from this, we think he will help you in your next post!
that's good! Let's see this!

For the front row, you can arrange for each boat, or make half of the tank.
Tanker for tips: Wen Chou, Wei Yan, Zhu Chu, Sun Jian, and Liu Bei
Wen Chou: High Def, retract the design of the enemy.
Wei Yan: Eiffel of PHI and Meg DIF, with the perfect CC and finally the last one
Turn off the speed: HP, two cc tips, the highest DMG easy to print.
Day Gian: Prevention (prevention, restriction, conflict and unexpected implication), with the CC heroes, PHY and MAG def the best, and reduces area density.
Liu Bei: His expertise is his ultimate goal, which influences this area.
Half of the outside products: Zhang O, Hua Xiang, Zhou Tai
And why ...:

Zhang: Main production, special it is finally slowing down the area once to unleash and you can shine your enemies down: D
Hari Dari: Take your enemy in your favor and his ultimate goal is to make a bigger area.
Zhou Tai: Not a good tank, but good production. If you can recover the ATK SPD and can resent the balance, then it will be very common
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Your home

Home is the place where residents live in our city, which will make us Housing, inheritance, and county eligibility will affect our earnings.

Home choice: increase in levels, increase in taxes, and house information
Everyday, many local people get free taxes, and you can use crystals at number. listen! By force! How much bad can you do

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