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Trainer Legend Guide Cheats - Gift Coupon Codes & Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Strategy for Catching Pokemon
As to be an excellent master, how can we don't have some superb pokemons? Today, let’s see the way of how to capture pokemons.
Way of obtaining pokemons
1、 We can have the chance to meet wild pokemons in Adventure, how can we let them pass as we encounter.

2、 There are normal, intermediate and advanced hunting field in Paradise, you will have a higher chance to catch a rare pokemon in higher hunting field, the entrance time will be refreshed after 24 hrs every day, you can get hunting tickets by buying in store or the lucky draw. The hot pokemons are refreshed every Sunday in hunting field, using the flute to meet 100% legendary pokemon in the advanced field.

3、 Capsule Machine in the game center.

4、 The in game events can also helping.

Guide for catching pokemons:
We should be careful during the battle, you can’t catch it if you killed them, so just reducing their HP till very low. It will increase the chance to catch it if you have paralysis, sleep or confused.
The chance of capture depends on the rarity, you will scrap the pokemon ball if you fail to catch it.
If you always can’t catch them, maybe you need to change to a special pokemon ball, advanced pokemon ball and the corresponding pokemon ball, they are all good to increase the chance of catching. Pokemon ball can be obtained by purchasing in store, the adventure and the in game event.
After catching success, the pokemons will be automatic transfer to the computer if The bag is full, we can check the attribution of the captured pokemons after.
Last tips, only wild pokemon can be caught, you can’t catch other trainer’s pokemons.

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