Friday, December 8, 2017

SkidStorm Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Are you ready for some crazy SkidStorm? Connection of speed control and tension in a rock-octane determine the new standard for riding a skidstorm.

Prepare Your Life
Nitro mechanics at Skidstorm receive the advantage of water flowing with the powerful nitro busts. Chikki drives and intelligent drives while maintaining flow rates for the highest bonuses.The difference between nitro ball and drop of time, so do not be afraid to burn some dolls.

Think you can drive?
Provide your skills to the world of competitive challenge. Real-time Real-Time, raise the level to the GROUP and request your place of resignation at the top of the board!

Will not remove the car before?
No problem. There is a player mode, where you want to be a sponsor! Hit your skills for the achievement of AI's player or time frame on the goal of the 15 character types. Available offline!

Do your rights
Make your own lobby and invite your friends to the party in the tire! Independence is guaranteed until 8 cars have fallen by their way through their way they love in motorsport, which provides the best engagement of competition, challenge and challenge of competition.

Master Homes
Knowledge of the game from the desert to dry frozen tundra and the owner of all the places and run owners such as dirt road, traffic and asphalt

Let the animals open
Did you want to run a classical car ride or sit after the wheel of the car? Or maybe you're just a nice walk, from the car to go down to 4W car, choose your choice from a great selection and take it to your borders by managing your machine , turbo, nitrous and wheel.

Best mobile games! Be the good game, and think it well, before it's already cheetah, play this game to make it more exciting to you.

The best racing game and I do not say if you play racing games without any feeling then try to love you

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