Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mukti Camp Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Join the Guide of Epic from Bangladesh! Shoot in the Battle of History: Become a part of the story of how gradually armed and military training against one of the most powerful groups in just nine months. Freedom fighters, 20 attacks against different forces, an epic battle! Are you ready

Based on the wars of Bangladesh, another epic game from the board of heroes. As a leader of the gorilla concealer, you bring your businessmen for a good start. You train them and finally lead them to battle and glory. Join us and join us in the past

All of our graphics games are digitally easy. In our game, you will see a beautiful Bangladeshi countryside. We have 15 houses in the liberation camp. When you start, you have only the headquarters, from there you will gradually build your foundation. You make professional development. You make wooden crafts, after this, you have to create a safe and secure environment for them to be ready and ready.

In the liberation camp, you have created a service for theft, you make home-based, hospital, and make four types of training to train them is complete. Contact with the police to communicate with your families. Should be in You must make a protective and preventive measure of security in your community.

At the liberation camp, there are four types of skills in each gorilla that are strength, hope, old age and intelligence. There should be several types of skills in many activities. For example, the glass tree should be strong and the power should be strong.

You can keep your army in action again from two sides. The first task is to provide your job and the second is to train them in different education programs. You can choose different tools for your army, for example, if they can send trees, then you need to look at the objects. If they are frozen, you can send other devices. You can change these tools.

After all, when you trust your thief, you can keep your weapons according to their skills in a different way. For example, if someone is strong - you can fly on them, if a person is tight, then the rifle is a good choice. Weapon has still changed

History supports all our battlefields and we should do it again.

All of our graphics games are hand-painted and are based on beautiful Bengal countryside ...
History of inspiration
New multiplayer and social features are coming soon.

please pay attention! The freedom camp is free downloads and games. However, some wildlife products can still be purchased with real money. If you do not want to use this information, please do not use in-app products from the device. In addition, in our privacy policy and privacy policy, you must have at least seven years to run or download a freedom camp.

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