Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Luna Mobile Guide Cheats - Codes & Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Finally, the cute and happy MMORPG Luna Mobile has been released! Gather and ride beautiful animals, organize wedding romance and play together fun!

Luna Mobile - Fantasy World In Ancient World During the journey of Heroes to meet new friends, gather souls and animals to fight the darkness. A variety of cute and attractive images, games and gameplay, dressing and modeling and wisely, rich living life - this is about discovering the planet. This answer is fantastic!

Combinations and classes with matches
Luna Mobile's special program allows players to blend together and be able to challenge and make the highest score!

Costume and the sole speed of the wings
Adorable organizations and their own fashion points match anywhere and at any time.

Pet power rate
Luna is more of a friend than a lovely and super cute pet that is always available to you

Find Your Love In The Fictional World
Join Luna Mobile to find your expert; Be the love of your life (a real marriage is expensive)

How to play without annoying ads? (No Ads Cheats)
Playing Luna Mobile game is sometimes annoying because of those intrusive ads, ads that may appear out of nowhere, ads that may block or occupy the entire screen of your device, 
Fortunately I have a (No Ads) cheat for you to follow the instruction and play Luna Mobile game without those pesky annoying ads :)

You should turn off your WIFI/3G/LTE internet connection before launching the Luna Mobile game. If you already launched the Luna Mobile game, just force close or go to your multitask (Android: Multitask button, iOS: Double Tap Home Button) and remove it to force close the game. 

Watch Ad Cheat
You can get coins by watching an ads at anytime! by abusing this time settings in your android/iphone smartphone.
Just follow this simple steps.
  1. Close the Luna Mobile app by going to your Android/iOS multitask and force close it. Restarting your phone would also force the app to close.
  2. Set your time in advance about 1 day or more.
  3. Open Luna Mobile app and you can watch ads again.
  4. If you want to watch an ad again, just repeat the step 1-3.