Monday, December 4, 2017

I AM ARCHER Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

At the beginning of the I AM ARCHER game, only one bow is earned by playing all the instruments. You have to set up your group and fight against your enemy in immortality.
You can improve your base footprint, unless it is a good start.
Taking your enemy to death, you can be enthusiastic, you can use this power to make yourself more useful
One of your heroes supports you, it is difficult to win the battle, do you want to try?
You have to choose home children to win 17 different soldiers.
You can get diamonds in endless types, the result is approximately 1%.
Do not take all your energy at the end, because when you help navigate gata clothes, they will deceive you and become a white army.

When you can not be sure of the level, think about your group. This game is designed for highly educated people, come and play archery and archery competitions. Have fun!

I think this is good, but it should be different because of lvl 2 because I have been spammed 30 necks and nothing can be done because my balls are released more easily, then the enemy

You can update the game because of this you can not tell controls and plazas, you have made a joystick, so I can shoot good people

Stage 1 is easy to make easy because my anger is hard and makes it the best

Beautiful games but there are 2 major flaws and these are: 1. The fact is that I have to control the archer all the time, very upset, there should be an automatic location for him and 2. The enemy spam is many different crowds , It gets super lugged.

This is probably one of the most fun games, the Obli products are bad, it can be realistic to 500 and above, but maybe that's BC I am using all archers, people with sword

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