Monday, December 18, 2017

Dream Town Story Guide Cheats - Full Game Walkthrough Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Dream Town Story Is Tired Of Your Time? Final Dream and Upgrades in Dreams Dream Dream House As far as the eye simulation simulation game is seen, enter!

Compete with other parties in the competition or make it easy and move on for yourself

Ensure that your home has been moved to your city, then add shops and more places as a lively space, sell beautiful places like cycling or cycling for your residents, visit them in different places and visit different places. Allow.

Find a lot of resources based on the development of your city, finding new sites, helping employees find new jobs, make sure to prepare the city in the final way, to ensure that it is easy for everyone ... there is a lot to do!

When you can move to your neighborhood, try co-op mode, which will help you with other players and put them together.

If I do not play much games, then I should play Dream Story anytime in the Caribbeat.

The data can not be restored after sending or restarting all the Game Library apps in your iPad.

I am very happy, but I hate the lock thing like many other homes, I can still thank him for this step because I used it twice a day, but it is very small and mine Hope you give it a lot of time using it but most of the buildings are so locked when we become a member and this is depression. I hope your children will see the test and change it for charity

I enjoy this game, like all Karoloft games To unlock the game, I want to play once, not a place, but 5 not on the 4 stars.

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