Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wild West: New Frontier Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

She is so happy, but just playing Wild West: New Frontier in one hour. After long play, new will be my problem only if when friends see below, this will not allow me to enter Google Play. I pressed on the mark, it seems that I did this, so I click on friends again after repeat, only knowing that I still did not enter. I do not like to go through the challenge of Facebook because friends are sad with their requests and requests

I like this game and it's going to give it all 5, but it does not explain how to play this game. What's the kind of thing How can you get them, make them and what? To improve things, it should be easy to improve the facilities and equipment to cut trees.

Be cautious that everything I've done is the slide to create something in jewelry and fix it and I get 10+ gems saying no hope. The good pictures are good, success is slow and money is hard through. However, it looks like a great game

It would be better if it does not grow long enough for plants to grow, it only takes about 15 minutes to process milk, but a pig takes an hour to process bacon. It will take 3 minutes for corn to grow, but for another 15 minutes it takes about 45 minutes. Funny play the game, if it does not look like long

I do not think any deleterious products are available for up to 4 hours. I do not think how the news works, you touch something and later you go to your farm and it's already purchased, it's a waste of time you need will come from the newspaper by the farmer of the individual. I am really pleased with how I can work in the field. I like the treasure treasure, which is found only, but it is much slower to earn money, unless you're the real spender to run the game. Compare the game in Farmville, something like that is lavish that I'm waiting and ending in game.

Absolutely colorful, interesting and fun game, excited that I decided to go to the Thanksyou Company's Job Light

The game is good that you need to go to Marie and then the game play will not be allowed to field or friendly country, so I can not be successful, even that later can send an email to the player To-Walk

I love this game, looking for what I can add in the field. I like graphics and everything about it.

I only play for a few days, but I like it. Some have not been described very well and I think the best thing to do is to get it. I have to interrupt if the game is blocked.

This game is fantastic, I do not believe they have played the same thing as the world, which I called farmland, I do not believe that this is the most fun thing ever, I like it And when where I was bored or playing my dog.

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