Monday, November 13, 2017

Unknown Royal Battle Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The War does not know the huge Unknown Royal Battle game you have ever done and survived and survived!
Our racing game will bring 20 players on a remote-where where all the practical gameplay is key while shooting shoots.

Nothing, players must be fighting to find weapons and equipment in combat, to survive alone

Play with friends on the game team game for 4 players!

Important Information:
The game must have an internet connection, using WiFi for maximum.
Receive coins, open tanks are stored on your iPad. Delete the game before the update, otherwise all the benefits will be lost!

This game is great in copying PUBG. The overall strategy game is happy and easy to manage. Although it can break down something to get the above thing the same thing and may be slow in the map where the share is closed. Apart from new weapons and weapons, this game is in the best of ways.

Good game before going to PlayStore for this reason (due to unfair business) even PUBG. Now even weapons are more powerful than idiots or heritage. Hit a shotgun with 50 coats and 60 wickers

Thank you for adding the battle of the staff.I have more fun on the game. Just add an item, such as a chat or chat session to improve collaboration and add more options. Installing Voice Recorder

The new update got to know that I was going home from school and that I changed the update and did not do anything and I realized that I tried this new version of the unknown dose is named WAR and so I'm glad that I'll be able to reset, but not

Some bugs should be fixed but this is a good game. Can not wait for future updates and many picture Crouch manuver will cool and jump to a little more arc, then cut it

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