Sunday, November 26, 2017

Pocket Brawl Guide Cheats - Redeem Gift Codes, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Pocket Brawl - Smash of Heroes is a 3D real-time card game, where you can challenge players from around the world. Involve unique gameplay, innovative strategy thinking and battle of RTS group in one, to bring a new gaming experience to the players

Unique gameplay and systems
Rich character enhancement features, from basic spelling level to fashion till development
You can also create a personal deck to deploy the player. Deploying heroes and activating your skills at the most important time will help you win the war.

Developed role: Role statistics can be improved by developing new talent will be unlocked at a certain time.

Spelling system: Separated from card type, spell can be spread in real-time battles. Use of spelling at a critical time will help you win the war!

Fashion: Try different fashion for you and you look special! Share a new look with your friends!

Boss War-Team PVA It requires great cooperation with your coworker There are different mechanisms in different basements. Diet boss and rewarded!

Deck Each player team can deploy a hero and three warriors in PVE. Make your own special deck and cooperate with your partner to defeat the owner!

The Dungeon Boss Boss will be strengthened in different stages (Summon monster, Aoie attack or counter magic deal on players). Do not underestimate these monsters or you will be defeated Study your moves and use the right skill!
Map system special items will be left in the basement. You need to take them and use against the boss!

Alchemy and Production Systems

Smelter system players can claim free coins and earnings at a certain time. Smelter can also be upgraded to a higher level to claim more free content.

Production system players are capable of producing necessary in-game items from the Alchemy system, in which the drug, the material has been prepared and the shades are included.

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