Friday, November 10, 2017

MapleStory Blitz Guide Cheats - Codes, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

1. Mercedes

Use Elven Grace and Ancient Warding on core monsters like King Clang and Grizzly.
Use Spirit Surge to prevent enemies from killing your enhanced monsters.
Switch your core monster with Updraft before it dies.
Use Stunning Strikes and Return to Elluel on strong enemies.

2. Oz

Summon monsters that cost less than 3 and use Pure Magic when there are 3 or more monsters in the battle field.
Enemy AOE skills before using Pure Magic could wipe your monsters so station them in separate lanes.
When you've got a King Clang in the battle field, summon multiple monsters to boost its damage.
Use Burning Focus or Dragon Blaze when your opponent summons a strong monster.

3. Phantom

Spam low-cost skills.
Inflict huge damage using final judgment after using additional skill cards twith Loadout.
Final Judgment is the most important card.
Support Phantom's relatively weak map domination by Phantomn Swiftness and low-cost skill spam.

4. Kyrin

Dominate the map with high-cost using All Aboard and Infinity Blast.
After you've dominated the map, use Ahoy Mateys to maximize your monsters' stats.
If your opponent has dominated the map before you have, use Jolly Roger with your strong monster as a bullet.
Be aware of skills that can eliminate strong monsters at once (Fires of Creation, Wrath of Enlil, Luck of the Die)

5. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer's monsters will get stronger as they take damage.
Demon Lash, which makes your monsters stronger every time they take damage, will quickly reach its maximum. You will have to use Demon Slash regularly.
When your monsters reach the enemy tower, use Blue Blood to enhance them and inflict huge damage on the tower.