Thursday, November 2, 2017

Legend of Brave Guide Cheats - Codes, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Legend of Brave is a 3D real-time APRG game of 2017 which describes the most popular game in the world: over 100 cute animals and collect from cool places; Blood PVP, kill PVA; Devil Dungeon Challenge and so on. Find your way, to get rid of dark friends.

Bloody fight for the king
Fighter, with intelligence, different intelligence, heavy weight loss, with warrior, dana and gunner
Many types of PVP and PVE Mode
Fight against demonic forces and destroy your power in the Devil's Devil, 1 V1 Dungeon and Arena, and let the Holy Ghost invite you to protect your territory.
Mixed combinations: fight with pets, open fires
There are many types of mount and enemies in the game, to play the role of output or team, it all depends on itself, for decadence and good communication with your colleagues.
Create a popular dressing, own itself
Forget, uncertain, sexy or beautiful, there are many options for you to choose. And it also has low-cost, such as Valentine's Day Set, Christmas Out and more. Let's come and tell you freestyle.

I have given this whole game 4 because the game has fallen somewhat during play. It should be as soon as possible and should be decided. I love the fact that your VIP users are back on the screen, every time we enter into something. It says a lot about the game when it does not cover recharge deals on your face. Thanks to him The game is funny, it's easy to understand. Speaking is a little funky in the fact that they are in the word bubbles that they all speak, that does not fit. The bottom of the screen is better for a text file or something but the game is very similar

This is the most important thing Gods wants to keep track of. Sometimes even though the game was lost to me, the game continued to focus on his feelings. I have 2 tips for the game; In addition to the work, add a clear explanation of all the places where you put the balls in your bag and what makes Glacier Battlefield mode. I do not know how to play that type or start to know what to do in the mode and it should be shown in such a game. If this was said then I apologize for lost points.

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