Friday, November 3, 2017

Jurassic Survival Island: ARK 2 Evolve Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

This is Jurassic Survival Island: ARK 2 Evolve than the one that shows. What if it's the last day in the World? Now you only have one on the island, This is not just an island beach. This island is the location of the evil of dinosaurs. Are you the final man in the unit? Are you alive? Jurassic Survival Island: Designed by ARK 2 is an opportunity to become a real-world of fishing. Explore the island! Using the funds, you can build weapons for dinosaurs and hunt for old enemies. Try to hide the dinosaur and build your home!

It has evolved with "Cork's Ark: Dinosaur Servable Island Series" with many 3D graphics, cool weapons and dangerous dinosaurs online. Do you like sports? This is the best 2017 survival game free. You can play without internet

Mysterious Cave: Find a Cave Dino and Enter Notes

Explore the old cave with danger and danger. Find new animals from dinosaurs!
Collect rare items, craft and weapons, build your home. You want everything to be saved.

In the new game Jurassic Survival Island: ARK 2 you can enjoy the latest version of high-resolution graphics in 3D. Survival of the 2017 is more than ever. Imagine that suddenly in the search of a wildlife surrounded by wildlife, the forest of big forest, bigger pictures and old animals. This is one of the best games, Tycos and Saber Blush Tigers looking for you.

Dozens of new weapons and key locations

It does not have what it is: the apocalypse or colored desert, but you should save. You can arrange war weapons: laser guns and rifles of firearms and firearms. They can help you find food and save yourself in combat. Apart from this, the new game in the new color has many tents: wood, rock, blocks and more on land, underground or underwater construction.

There is a large book of dinosaurs and wildlife: ternosaur t. Rex, Stegosaurus, TrickReader, Dilofosasaras, Ankylosaurus, Compsignas, Vishal and Saber Blush Tiger How to deal with Dragon and other wild monsters from the Jurassic Island and how to know if you look good on your dino, it will protect you in dangerous fights with other animals.

Make better ideas and information

Survive, even the last day of the earth. Ark survival design, which means that by accomplishing many tasks you can now create and plan more resources to create space. Grab a tree away, fill the stone, make the blocks, smell of iron - Find a world of thought in every way, now you are a remnant

Third and Third Party Findings

You can play in a single player without the challenge mode. The game that is also available in 3D is the game's first game and the third person. You get a graduate of a 3D world game by changing the camera scenes.

You explore all the different types of dinosaurs at once. True wildlife creatures from Jurassic times are trying to kill the guests without hesitation - try to live as long as possible! Try to catch the hunt for dinosaur or dragon

You are a real hero now for! Dinosaurs like this step for playing adventure and surviving simulator: Jurassic Survival Island: ARK 2 develops craft and use, hunting and fighting, flying and running - Know who you are!

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