Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cooking Country Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What happens when you add the Cooking Country simulation of farm simulation to the ultimate simulation game? You can meet the country's cooking, agriculture, design, and recreation - all! When you grow up and bring home-cooked food to your store, cook over 100 dishes and help them in your dining area.

Cooking Country guides you to walk through adventure food. You will grow and grow on your new food, bring it to the restaurant restaurant, prepare diet, practice meal management and make your customers happy .

Your uncle is good, and you have to manage farming and eating! When you plan to grow in the garden and garden, work to prepare delicious food from more than 100 dishes, to help the customers of the restaurant, and all the fun at your dining place! When you become a chef, a farmer and a mechanic, your time management and design skills will be placed on the test! Can you really control the restaurant simulation and save your uncle's cafe? Do not eat the land!

Cooking Country Game that brings together everything at the end of the restaurant management and farming simulations. Do all this!
Do more than 100 dishes to serve your diner
As agriculture you grow your garden and collect crops, make cereals
Feed grass and grains for the lovable thing in your field
Congratulations, cute customers with star guest
Create all of your hats, from the floor to the windows of the sofa
Enjoy special events with special bonuses for you to create
Practice taking your time, cooking and creating skills in this wonderful restaurant and simulation

Can you bring your family's food and recess? You need to be the chef, master, engineer and time manager. If you do, you will save your family business!

This is a game for people who have made their way to cooking, to keep their fever, and to travel around the world to become a star, activity for people who are in fact and the ultimate Catering management, design, cooking and simulation. It is easy to maintain a farm, cook at a restaurant, to be in a garden or cafe cooking country adventure , come home, to have a café, and enjoy the village of stories, as you become a major chef in the world, when building the farm in the country and plans to eat a Michelin star.

Download the country cooking, the latest and best combination of farming games and cooking time games. If you play farm and perform simulation games, then the main cooking games are to create an online game like your phone. Why wait? Download the best farming and game simulation game now!

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