Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Colony Strikes Back Guide Cheats - Walkthrough, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Actually, after the Colony Strikes Back update the controls got a lot better! However, they are not perfect yet. The character only walks while my finger is on top of the button and it gets in the way, because he escapes from time to time. Even being platform, could have the movement in the style "joystick" that allows to slide the finger from side to side without problems. Otherwise, the button we use the most is the jump, I do not understand why his position is next to the "down", should be changed.

I found the game mass. But I have two caveats. 1- I missed the game being able to be controlled by kettles and have the jump and shoot buttons, this character throw alone and very tiring and we ended up not exploring well the scenario. 2- I found the character muiiiittooo slow. The stages are great and this ends up making the game tiring too. The replay factor becomes a burden. Apart from that I found it very incredible how the game was made. I noticed a lot of affection and dedication involved. Congratulations to all involved

When I go into the first phase the pause menu opens and the game stops working if I try to close it. My phone is a Samsung S6, if it will help to correct the error. I've been waiting for the game months and I was really sad when I downloaded it after watching the video advertising on the channel and I saw that it was not going to work. Moreover, the translations into English, pixel arts, animations, references, drawings and game design in general are really good, at least in the menu.

It's kind of "pay-to-win," and there's an ad below the DURING A GAMEPLAY screen, and that's TRYING TO SEE THE GROUND. The graphics have nothing 8 bits, they are only square and generic, following this modinha like almost all indie game nowadays. The gameplay is BAD and casual. The game runs all locked when there are more than 5 coins on the screen. Besides he's in English and can not change. Not that other mobile games are better, but I'm a big fan of Wilson, and with him being a big fan of video games I expected something different.

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