Wednesday, November 29, 2017

BUBBLE Friends Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Bubble back with cute BUBBLE Friends! Many things to do!
New type: New system tour: Friend friendly

Tour mode is level-based game mode, there are basic basic level stages
Removing them with 3 days, the music will be added to my song card. Challenge the challenge with 3 stars!
All 3 or 4 levels, you will earn gold and pet friends!
No need to pay, play several free songs!

You can find friendly friends in the tour, they will help you with your special skills!
Puppy pop will fix the measurement of your life. Do not be afraid to play!
Beat beat you a lot of apps, your high, high score score
The yellow boom will give you more students. This will help you to be clear with 3 stars!
Chick-check will give you more sleep. Buy a new song and raise your pet with sleep!

Intelligence animals can make better use of animals. Try the pets when you are hot

Play music with bubbles! Latest music playing on NEOWIZ, DJMAX and developer of TAPSONIC!

If you do not like to play music,
Enjoy extremely simple music for free!

Listen to the song, bring your finger in the sound of music, that's it.
Simple, easy, fun bulbul is a music song for all ages

Features Make different types of free music New songs will be added daily
Easy to play! Bubble pop for music sounds
Touch, Beard, Smile and Slide Pop Bubbles In Many Ways
A wide range of music such as pop, kppp, dongdut, classical, piano, and public
Famous songs from DJMX, Technika Q, Tapesonic, and Audition Online
Offline is offline. Once you download the song, you can do offline.

The bubble will appear as the voice of music.
Pop bubbles and play on music.

Hold the red bubble bubble on the red bubble for the blue bubbles with the line for the blue bubbles, follow the orange bubbles by sliding your fingers.

Warm fever can be filled by joining together. Protect hot mode and get additional points.

You can get new songs with sleeping You can get gold by playing

When you get new music in the bubble, download is required. Please check your device
When you can sing video video hits

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