Monday, October 23, 2017

Tiny Witch Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What is this Tiny Witch game about?

People want to be beautiful, rich and charming. They can either spend years working towards that, or use a magic potion!

Tiny Witches from the Wonderland have agreed to help. 🙂

Set up a your own coven of witches by summoning them through the summoning portal, set up their habitat and brew potions!

Look for the recipe to the elusive Immortality Potion!!!

Sell the potions to become the richest person in the TINY WORLD !!!!

Can I play this game offline?
 Yes..Absolutely !!!

However, the ads that give out the rewards will not be available to you in the offline mode. Also, your progress will not be saved on the cloud servers. So make sure that you are signed in to your account when you return to your coven.

What are the quests in the game?

Quests in the game, appear below the tap bar and set small targets and missions that need to be completed in order to move to the next quest. These quests upon completion give out different rewards that include the Gold Coins, Elixir and Red Diamonds.

 Tip > Spells (Potion Testing Gnomes , Shinier Potions etc) can help increase the worth/value of the minerals.

What are spells for?
Earn Gold Coins faster by performing spells!

The relevant spell helps increase the capacity and size of the Habitat, the Train station, the Tanks and the Summoner. Collectively, all these improve the performance and the value (net worth) of the coven, which means...

Gold Coins are used for the Regular Spells and reset when you upgrade to the next potion.

Premium spells are carried out by using the Red Diamonds and last permanently in the game.

Complete the spells and watch the earnings grow!

What is the Red Diamond and how do I get it?

The Red Diamond is a form of in-game currency that can be used for Charms and completing the Premium Spells.

It can be collected by watching ads, opening gift boxes, as part of daily gifts, completing the quests, catching the birds and can also be purchased from the market with real money through an in-app purchase.

So don't wait around, buy yourself some Red Diamonds and Progress FASTER!!! ;0)

What is the Elixir and how do I get it?

The ELIXIR is a special kind of in-game currency that is used to prestige. It is earned as the game progresses and also won as a reward for certain quests in the game.

The ELIXIR gives a permanent bonus on the earnings i.e. each Elixir used to prestige gives an extra 10% earning bonus. This percentage of the bonus, can be increased by completing the relevant premium research. (Super-Yum Elixir)

  TIP>The more the Elixir, the more the bonus!

What is Prestige?

Prestige is a power up based on the progress in the game. It depends on two things:

- The Life time earning.
- The amount of Elixir used to prestige.

Prestige resets the game but gives a major boost on the earnings, which means come back stronger and MOVE UP FASTER than before.

Don't worry!!! All the premium spells, red diamonds and permits purchased remain intact.

So, prestige when you feel stuck at a certain level and come back...

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