Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Sidekicks Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The Sidekicks is full of action and puzzle platforms. Unlike the army, join our fun!

This game is inspired by the great mobile platform game such as Jolan and Leo Fortune's sword. And obviously the famous games like Super Mario Brothers and even ghosts' N Goblins

Identify the image of the game platform game image with a twist
You play with three types of characters, all of which have special skills
You can change your character
30 hand-made levels (14 levels in beta version)
Secret places, achievements, challenges and more
Epic Major Boss fights with his game system (a major leader fighting in beta version)

It is belly ji Billy is his name, but why is he so comfortable with Bailey? He is a great fan of Michael Jackson's music. Who knows, maybe belly has named one of Jackson's songs? The way it looks around other people, you feel that it is "out of play". But you can not go ahead

This siriraita here is Maria Maria Violet Luna Valentina Rodriguez Oh Long way to gamer ID, you have to think. Well, Maria feels good and comes with "Zeronita" Umm is okay! This is a good girl, when you know it, it can be time consuming

Mio Nobert is not his real name, but when he plays online, he likes to use it. Is his name real? It's not Robert Brightmind. It's not that he's most important but it's clear that it's not quite cool. Well, it's Nobbert's idea.

So Naubert was waiting in the computer and now he is here to save the world from playing. It is a game that how fast it works to learn how to survive in a certain area. Oh, yes, almost forgot ... It was also a special skill. Very strict Nobbert can make himself a skin, therefore, weight, it will not be visible.

Sidekicks is an activity in the game - with challenges you play with three types of characters - Nobbert, Zeronita and Belly G, all of which have special skills through their struggle through conflict solutions and video game games through the crisis Find, which is left in our world for its wide and natural reasons.

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