Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dekaron Rising Guide Cheats - Codes, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Dekaron Rising is good for new players
Again an option if you are a new person with the original glass
This time you are in ardeca this time to "Ruins of the Aquarium." In order to get Aquarai residue you should work with NPC Corn (Coordinate 346: 112). For this you need a level 130+ and teleport can be worth 10000 rupees.

As a result, participants in the group were told that when I asked them to go to the meeting and check out the instructions, if Idk was true and I was lazy Come on, I decided that I would do the same

Come on If you are interested in joining this communication you will find OP's product and rich hard work and effort, so you have a hard time. It's not a quick one, it takes a lot of patience, then let it go

The market price varies from time to time, the rate I mentioned was 100% accurate. Ask in the game if you do not know how much.

The place of pilgrimage is best for new players
If you are a new person with mirror on the descent and you are looking for a vendor faster then my imagination will be "Walking to Place". This is a fantastic recipe for both new players and players, with a bit of competition in Decron Rising. You must be level 135+ on the map and 10000 deals can be used on teleport. This report is available at the NPC Rocket (Management 346: 112)

When you come to the site of pilgrimage, you need to find monsters "Butch Maniz" and "Wail Maniz". These monsters are very easy to shoot and leave many things like: Dill, Laptops, Rings, Necklace, Wrap and Stone. Rings, necklaces and earrings, which you can sell on every app for 20k of NPC stores in Erdeka. Rational and Marvels You can sell for the reasonable price of others. (Values ​​of the Same Time and At Different Time Each time someone sells them and improves themselves.)

When you come to the Aquarii Relics, what you want to do, open your map "M" and the Aquarii ruins are running all the way to the left of the map. Here you will find a ghost called "Gabion Freit" and "Gabion d'Crurion". These monsters are most of falling jewels (players know their "weakness") you can sell these items to other players for the reasonable cost. The player wants to buy 50 points out of 1 bar (aka 1 hnab of crap gems). Most players generally have to use the package of 1 bag for 10-15 ml only for the change in the market.

Castor Dungeon is one of many ways of doing business. In Castor Dungeon, you will be able to meet 1 owner and each boss will have all 8 statements and the place of 6-7 million deletes. (Note: Duration of 5 minutes.) You can not go to the owner's time limit, you will lose and may not be able to afford it.)
If you are new and you are not perfect, it's a good idea to get 1 or 2 people in your organization If you have done a hard time, then you can support the owner at the time Limited Act.
The Total Castor is a great way to make the face and make your fortune well.
Note: There are no dispute with owners of castors. The castor owner now came in at 8-9 miles, when you have to go to the map "Arcadia" and have to shade off the debate. Contact Arcadia Teleportes for Mireredia and open your map, you should see Arcadia on your map.

The new set can be added, which reduces the value of OSM setup items.
Osmium space and weps are now lost by all the enemies in Miteria and not the master.

This will make you make some energy, but when you learn the bosses, this way will be very easy. I want at least 7 hours and two arms for use.
You should talk to NPC Jerome to get Maitieria. Your level must be for the map and the cost of teleport will be 1000.

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