Thursday, October 5, 2017

Brave Legends Guide Cheats - Codes, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

To improve Brave Legends, Nina and our team made the following improvements:
The construction cost of the guild has reduced, the player who created the last guild will receive the Silver Dollar by sending it to the game.
Those who receive free assistance can benefit from the director, many current members have received!
The need to open the Guild Red of Tiffany 1 was reduced
Players are banned by friends Players can now have more friends in this game.

Warriors, do you want a new hero? A great time: now there are old women!
Note: To join this event, you should go in the long run! The altar of calling is not available in this event!
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I had spoken to me to give me a chance to run, so that we can take care of events like justice, leadership, reset the day.
It is good for the game if we can see the game in any game.

Join Friends in Brave Legends: Awakening Heroes, a new 3D casual APRG!
Dive into the real-time Arena and fight the players around the world! In the next 90 minutes! Fight in real-time and free control mode Be the world owner or stay with the player The spectacular visual and fast-paced duel simultaneously provides you with an unprecedented performance!

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