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War Planet Online: Global Conquest Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Rules of Engagement
We follow series of rules to ensure that battles are carried out as planned.
Rule 1: Attack / Defend Exceptional Person can be mixed (armed attack can engage f'batli defense and vice versa).
If you combine the defense attack of an ally / battle, you can join the wait before the battle ends.
It is easier to enter the defense, since normally allies prefer closer and closer to the world map.
This works only armies that are in the same faction.
This rule does not apply to a different armed factions.
Keep in mind that sending your army at the time.
If it is already too late, the battle begins its army in the second place of the first.

Rule 2: Planet War Online has synchronous battles. The results of the battles take place in real time.
If you and your ally send your army, but the army comes first, it can take a lot of damage before reaching the allied army.
Even after the introduction of the allied army, it can take many losses. Coordinate attack / defense with your allies for the best result.
When a defensive army is sent to help protest against an ally but its army occurs after the battle began, it came too late and the ally's army can take a significant amount of damage.
Even if the second allied defense send the army to help, you can still take a lot of damage, even if you win.
Coordinate attack / defense with your allies and try to put your city near your allies best defense.

Rule 3: Events can not join individual attacks.
The wave is always good.
This means that if there are two demonstrations, the rally at the end must wait until the first one has finished fighting.
Even if a person sends an army arrives seconds before the demonstration, he must wait until the demonstration is over.
The benefit of the move will be the combined armies unite and fight together.
Armies could be stronger, but can not guarantee that all armed come before the end of the battle, and one of the armed can be very damaging.
A rally ensure that all armed arrive at the same time.

Rule 4: Strengthening Garrison has two gaming devices.
Strengthening shows how troops are helping allies.
Reinforcements in the interior: Shows how allied troops are to help defend their base.
Reinforce indoor and indoor shows how the soldiers are defending, even if they overcome this moment.
Until the battle is underway, the additional defense army can unite.
The armies sent by reinforcing the garrison returned to their base after the battle ended.
The armies sent by Garrison for reinforcement simply stay.

GENERAL NOTE: Please note that demonstrations are often the best attack option.
The enemy can activate their protective barrier just before the rally arrives, or seek the help of their allies.
You can coordinate attacks with your allies and make more powerful sent armed attacks by building the operating room.
Note that they combine their individual attacks with other manifestations and vice versa.

When everyone is at war, brave genres create the challenge and lead their armies to global conquest. It's time to hit! Do you have what it takes? Build your base, dominate your region and lead your faction to win the world!

You modern modern military order, cut by the same pattern as king or the old Vikings, destined to create a mighty empire. However, it is not exempt from its rivals. Many share general, their ambition and have their loyal armies to support. Some will join you and your clan. Some deal with it as a rival. But friend or foe, only one can reign.

Boom or go bankrupt as you recruit expert commanders in your army, build huge war machine, forge brilliant strategies, and direct hits on enemy bases in the most massive free MMO war game on the mobile phone!


• Play with thousands of real players as cutting mobiles around the world.
• Talking with friends and enemies is his war in the world wide spread is drawing a strike to grow his empire.
• Compilation and order units based on modern war machines of extraordinary realism, such as mobile artillery, battle tanks and large bombs to end the boom!
• Total war of wages when passing from a map of the world Mifruħa faithfully.

• Conflict with ffastidità f'pazji modern PvP vikings in real time and live.
• Become the king of the feather by issuing split second game orders to determine which army will emerge victorious in battle.
• Call your clan to strengthen when the conflict is most intense.

Real military strategy
• Feel free to build the basis of war as you fancy mobile f'esperjenza that can be customized.
• Give your commander to strike, then force them to take the arm!
• Join a clan, take it with the king's strategy, and plan your strike together.

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