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Tiny Builders Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Everyone wants to search quickly and easily. It can not be the simplest task in the modern world. Let's go back to the world of dwarves and dragons.

Small builders bring mines. All you have to do is "TAP TAP TAP" and you do not have the time to "BILIJONAIRE"

Call these builders, miners, increase your city, and earn money for gems and minerals.

Touch and call:
Touch the gray beautiful area with an inner dwarf helmet that is just above the menu icons and has as many fingers as the gnomes.

The sooner the strike, the more gnome calls.

We drag dragons to an axle where we dig different minerals and expensive ones. Wagons transport minerals to the train station from where they are transported and earn gold.

Tip: Be sure to increase the speed and performance of each station and axis axis in the city to check regularly and qualitatively.

Offline mode
Useful ads are not available offline. Also, the progress will not load the servers. So make sure you're signed in to your account when you return to the city.

Go to the shaft
You hide the dragon in my cave where the bells are running. There are no more than four mines in cities.

When a maximum capacity is reached, an update notification is displayed. Click a message or refresh it by clicking one of my axes.

Greater Go> Multiple Miners> Faster

Therefore, be sure to increase shaft capacity, update or perform appropriate, regular, and quality tests. (Expansion, suspension, etc.)

The speed of the builders can be increased by performing the proper tests. (Build, etc.)

PATARÄ–JUMAS. When you buy a license from a shop, reduce your mining costs and research costs by up to 50%.

Gold Coins.
This game is the main game and therefore it should reasonably be free to increase the attractiveness of gold coins.

What was missing?

Well, to create a dream house, I have to renew my axis to build more builders.

Several rail cars have to be rented so more minerals can be released on the market and storage must be protected to collect more minerals.

Gold coins are all these. Do not forget the STUDIES!

The more gold you spend on research, the faster your revenue is growing!

Hint> Tap this floating bird to get great gifts!

I'm going to the dwarves.
Minerals are transported from the train station to the shaft from the car. The train travels from the market to the market and pays a fee for gold coins.

Initially, up to four wagons can be hired on the train. We can add more cars with regular surveys. (Earn money, etc.)

Gold coins should only be sought in the trade of minerals. Therefore, be sure to hire more cars and increase your research capacity.

BASIC> If you buy a car factory from a store, you can reduce your car costs by up to 50%.

After saying byebyebuilder to his old clan, Tiny Builder has reached a new village, not too far from its previous home. Tiny Builder wants to settle in a new town with his wife and children and make a lot of money, gold and elixir! Glad to live in spoils, spoils, battles and destruction.

The more jewels and elixirs will be in my new village, Tiny Builder will no longer be with its past and will completely migrate!

Want to be a TYCOON cash? Can you TAP fast enough? TESTS - TAP - DIG DEEP - SCIENTIFIC STUDIES - CLONE and tap - even when you're not playing!

SUPER DOPE GAMEPLAY Simply tap the screen. A great "killer" clicker magnate, without any sense! Or you must fight against your enemies. Find all the emeralds and charcoal that you have to offer me!
TAP, BUILD, SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND MODIFICATIONS Upgrade your builders, earn money, do research and feel good! Touch! Touch! Exit!
CLOSE AND USE A casual and fun game for endeavoring capitalists who like to click and earn money. Load your competitors in this builder's magnate series!
SEND SWAG TO YOUR STATE ECONOMY Not everything is about Profit! Can your miners change their economies? Take pride in going to other saver countries and be the main miner's macaw.
UNIQUE VISUAL. Feed the sesame seeds to your dragon and watch as it floats around the city, foolish dragons to hunt and carry captive, so you can steal from amazing 3D images and attractive landscapes.
BE BONUS BUFF Many bonuses with all prestige will help you get back more, satisfy your customers' desire for emerald and coal and dig deep to be the greatest capitalist of this era.
"QUIRKY ECONOMY". Take advantage of this mysterious economy by clicking on your habit of small miners to make more and more money
PRESTIGE Use your swag to sell your minerals for more money, gaining more prestige in this fake clicker game.

You have the greatest invention of this era - your own cloning machine. Tap as a tycoon and put as many small builders as you can grow and upgrade your city to get money in this awesome 3D game! Make emerald no war. Learn the compensation quantum to avoid problems! You do not have to face your clan to get an elixir, it's time to look calm.
Extension is the goal. Make emerald no war.

Get yourself back and enjoy your life story in this awesome game of play with a wonderful and exciting game of play.

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