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Teon Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Teon by Lakoo.

Land of Edin, having vast landscapes, is full of hostile creatures and unknown dangers. Without guidance, adventurers might lose their goals, and be overwhelmed by the frustration of failure in exploration.

Here, we have prepared an overall guide to the heroes who are prepared to face and overcome the challenges in the Land of Edin. We want to warn you in advance, that you may find that there are more than one way to reach your goal, and the levels of challenge may be unexpectedly uneven even in the same region. We advise that you take extra caution while you walk on the Land of Edin, and discover your own unique path to heroism.

Level 1 to 10: Sky Island

Typically, there is not much to say about this mysterious island floating in the sky. Surrounding it are mostly clouds and rumours. We guess that the residents here are mostly timeless demi-gods and ancient creatures, but sometimes, homeless wanderers may accidentally intrude on this sacred land. This is where you begin your adventure, and you could find your guidance in another record.

Level 10 to 25: Promise Island

Promise Island is another island you encounter in your early adventure. Besides the quests from the townsfolk, there are a few places where you could quickly level up. From the Promise Island Town:

To the South East, around Promise Island Farm
To the North East, Ruin of Redemption
To the North West, near the Promise Island Port
Level 25 to 40+: Promise Island Dungeon & Old Escape Tunnel

This place is full of hostile monsters and restless deads. Use a Scroll of Polymorph to disguise as one of them to avoid unnecessary battle (or death).

Level 40 to 59: Land of Edin (Subscription Regions)

When you are powerful enough to leave Promise Island, which is, ironically, an island of nightmare, you will find yourself stepping on the ground with more danger. Maros (40 to 52), Elven Garden (40 to 59), and Drake Mountain (50 to 59) are the next places you should visit. You could either keep fighting in one area, or travel around to see more of the land.

There is no fixed path you should follow, and all the lands are open to adventurers in any time. But beware of dungeons, as more terrifying evils may dwell within.

Good luck adventurers, and may you grow powerful and achieve what you seek in Teon.

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