Sunday, September 10, 2017

Space City Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

the living room
Some units live in the city. The pollution will have a significant impact on the construction of houses and not commercial and industrial buildings. Try to stop and park at the port holes and their conversion to the greatest happiness.

The business centers (mid-level) to create jobs for people. However, commercial buildings and commercial buildings are distinguished. The production is less than the energy Contact the resilient and faster. That's higher in commercial construction, it's more expensive.

Creating jobs in industrial buildings (large capacity) people. Without running vehicles and industrial pollution in other locations. Of the buildings of the city, the wealth of the flesh industry. Resources and treasures can be selected in the administrative building with multi-storey building or buildings being sold all over the world.

and the city
Building and Community (unemployment) offers work to expand its residents and the surrounding buildings. The infection only affects communities everywhere. The total increase in employment in business.

Benefits (low level) to business people provide a lot of the ability to deliver oxygen to light. Body of other municipal and industrial pollution has an impact on the top that can be installed in the factories. Some of the contamination by contact with the sole of the rest of the city. Pin energy as needed extraordinary effort.

The jewelry Biken
The happiness of the ornaments that are presented in both of them, and moreover, the ecology. Free, happy, and swallows in the city by the way of making a good Extension limited to the entire crowd of the city. There is no pollution in the many trees, it.

The key is to catch the transport network city successfully. This is not only a disadvantage but also your success. Monographs networks, which will effectively create a moving city. Travel agencies are, and fortunately, he is in the city on the road leading to the operators. The range of at least 3 square meters.

Each building has a "space of wealth" and affects the surrounding buildings. The buildings are high buildings have a negative impact on the environment as a positive effect on the top of the building and landscape.

Urban renewal to improve the impact of their services. A growth in the tables on both sides, the renewal of the Order of the hidden part of the brain. 10 degrees is the fourth building.

RCI bar shows the current needs of the city. The higher the bar (right) are in greater demand. In this example there is a place (green
Required to (green) and energy (yellow), but commercial (I) not available. If you're left, the ball is like all the race, that's more than too much of this building.

If you touched an RCI to the cohort, he showed the city of the realm of the game. This screen has more information about the different faces of the city. If you want to hit the BACK button on the weed were hit on the BACK button to accept the key, the volunteers to get more tips and advice.

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