Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Quest of Champions Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How do I obtain champion Soul Stones?
Each elite instance provides champion Soul Stones for its corresponding champion. You may also summon a champion's Soul Stones during summoning. If you draw a champion you already have, the game will automatically convert it into the appropriate amount of Soul Stones.

How come I drew a champion, but it was converted to 7 Soul Stones?
If you already have that champion, it will be converted to Soul Stones that can be used to evolve that champion. Additionally, champions' initial star ratings are the same, so champions that are drawn are in their initial status.

What decides the star rating when I beat an instance?
For each champion that dies in battle, the star rating decreases by one. For example, if you enter battle with 5 champions, but only 4 survived, you will receive a 2-star rating for that instance.

Why can't I defeat arena players with less power than me?
If there is not much of a difference between player levels, the composition of the lineups will be a large determining factory in deciding victory. Therefor, the player with the lower power will not always necessarily lose. Victory depends on champion lineup, quality, and other factors.

Are champions' positions in battle permanent?
Yes. Each champion is set as either a front-line, mid-line, or back-line champion. If there are more than one front-line champions in a lineup, for instance, they will be positioned according to the champion adjustment.

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