Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars Battle of the NEETs Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Add silver star for 1-2 days. 3-4-star units (silver and gold) not only do not affect the envy of the 1st and 2nd jealousies. The only question is when you start losing, not with other groups
Holds book sponsor! I know that 500 is a crystal, but they have at least ten volumes plus one (see the Picture Box, which now has 40,000 good 10 volumes). Get, do not get tired of the fire, and the reel of gold is less common: in the book, I give all the money to a book of 10 pieces. Save the crystalline ones that are worth it.

The cache is where most of the money is. If this happens, you will get the standards used by the state to make "Gach", whose name is "time" with a red background. Typically, this crystal stone stove in the bedroom ("Gacha" written as "please") is considered as waste and features, and the price of crystal is given. And yet, I'm not telling you how you, at least they repeated the same and were no more than the court that he did.

Usually use the APEED lifestyle. The AP is slowly produced for the first time, saving both practical and personal time. We know what is on it, but words that we add to the page are easier to update in English:

After the AP and I want to cool (unit) and when they come. Need to worry about HP before, but do not forget!
If you selected 10 identical families, turn 1, 40 or 2000 golden rocks (stars). Chibita is updating Maximum and NEET's large room, Chibita's retail outlet for leisure gold, a golden basket. Tap the higher level to open the Chibita groups.

They say that the work area "moves" is equivalent to no more space. You want to work at the desired location to stop at least 50 because work will never end and if not if the application does not like to send the application. (Or not, and from Isamo left even the pressure, if there are many things, it will be difficult to get 66 or 300 coins). This Unit Working Group is less than 1 hour, 50; Matsuyo Work Day 50-300 Units.

It will not work until it is sent on a stone floor without the number - the Japanese version, most of the crystals become without the moon. You need to know that this is what English does very well, but with caution and the crime of mountain crystals! (2 thinks that everyone starting with Totok is unthinkable that they will think that there will be no mistakes!)

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