Sunday, September 3, 2017

Mini Guns Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

At the end of each game, there is a chance to drop packet at random.
These are the same packages you can buy at the store, with the same number of interior ministers!
If you drop the package, you can do a few different things with:

Remove the packaging (at a price lower than what usually cost in the store)
Issettjaha f'qafla to close (it will get time - but when it opens, open for free!)

The menu gives you the option of immediately creating the items you already have in a slot, but there is no automatic option for sub, so be sure to commit to opening a package before it slot!

The new mini-types can be solved by reducing your current minister!
On the tab of each fraction in the Army screen, moving to the right, you can see the silhouettes of the various Minis that can eliminate, such as the mini-open you need!
Mini Once opened, it added to the list Minis and Strongbox Shop.

Each Mini has "joint" in which to attack.
Each time they attacked, the blow is in the cone of fire.
If this cone contains where the Mini attack still does not understand, it is possible that the shot misses, which is polluted.
This added element of gameplay

Note that just because a hit does not lose its purpose, it does not mean it does not matter what it is - but it is entirely possible that regional failure based on you!

The Strongbox is a group of ministers, but its counterparts have come together to achieve it!
Any recorded game you add will increase the progress bar, depending on the time of the meeting.
In case of loss, get game, as well as the duration of the game.
If you won, you get a lot of progress - even if the game lasted a few seconds!
When the meter is completely finished, ready to explode - get to your new minister!

The strong box deserves every 12 hours and stops twice.

Note that there are several types of Strongbox, different types of ministers: the worst countries take longer to fill the bank!

The honor is how alliances are against each other on punctuation lists - most importantly, it is also used to block all kinds of new benefits to help Alliance members!
These advantages allow you to add the golden start Win the day, increase your Lieutenant / Alliance member skills and you will win even more to win 2c2 games!
You honor by winning 2c2 matches your Alliance.

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