Sunday, September 10, 2017

Marvelous Monster Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

These are the minimum requirements that each guild has created
Some British allow you to join directly with you if you are qualified and someone takes it after the admission request.

Send to flower
You can send flowers to five members per day
There are 3 different options in terms of costs and benefits. But, in principle, strengthens the resistance.

Astral event
5 members marking. After registering, your best hero will be registered as a team.
When the tape is configured, the conversion is calculated and rewarded automatically to be sent to your mailing list.
You can only receive a fee per day, but you can always help your team members complete this team to join the team.

Guild Shop
Special offer at low speeds, such as Mythic Hero.
The proposal will continue every 24 hours, or you may refuse a little Diamond.
Every time you restart your store, you have the opportunity to get a 20% discount of 50%. These changes are on the rise.

Cave of the guild
Prison with a great monster you and other members must eliminate.
This beautiful little boy from the village helps the buffalo.
A member can try twice a day.
The arrest leaves photos that a member can register in his request.

Adoration of the first gods
Almighty gods give you the opportunity to open a box that contains the fragment called the gods.
Have 3 free days per day. Or more diamonds.

The first evidence of God
The cult fragment can invite the gods to try.
When someone is called, any member of your association can attack.
The unhappy god rarely destroys the fragments of Epipeca or Mita.
Fight against the hairstyle
Guild against the guild
More information will be updated later

Because after millions of years or whatever, our name would be boring or unnamed, it could not prevent our way of living, fighting and creating our legend.
Fight for honor!
Histories of classic heroes! Now! Landing on the planet!

· News:
+ Classic 2.5D view with an unlimited battlefield
+ Update of the EU system for more friends
+ New list of hits from new chapters
+ A new system of cooperative models and PVP

· New stories about the great war between people, giants and monsters
For the treasure, for faith or for life, creatures in this marvelous earthly battle day after day and year after year. Your stories may be different, but they must be memorable.

· More than 100 heroes await your call
The heroes of the East and the West reach this land of miracles and join this epic war. You will find the most famous heroes of Greek mythology, Chinese myths, American stories, legends of northern Europe, etc.

How to play without annoying ads? (No Ads Cheats)
Playing Marvelous Monster game is sometimes annoying because of those intrusive ads, ads that may appear out of nowhere, ads that may block or occupy the entire screen of your device, 
Fortunately I have a (No Ads) cheat for you to follow the instruction and play Marvelous Monster game without those pesky annoying ads :)

You should turn off your WIFI/3G/LTE internet connection before launching the Marvelous Monster game. If you already launched the Marvelous Monster game, just force close or go to your multitask (Android: Multitask button, iOS: Double Tap Home Button) and remove it to force close the game. 

Watch Ad Cheat
You can get coins by watching an ads at anytime! by abusing this time settings in your android/iphone smartphone.
Just follow this simple steps.
  1. Close the Marvelous Monster app by going to your Android/iOS multitask and force close it. Restarting your phone would also force the app to close.
  2. Set your time in advance about 1 day or more.
  3. Open Marvelous Monster app and you can watch ads again.
  4. If you want to watch an ad again, just repeat the step 1-3.

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