Sunday, September 3, 2017

Land of Fantasy Guide Cheats - Redeem Codes & Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The main features of the hero are: ATK (attack). DEF, HP (HP), and SPD (Speed).
You can upgrade the group features when the powerful device is aligned and replaced.
ATK: The Top Women's Peak Against Warrior Attack and Healing Attack.
Protection: The main factor in protecting the public.
HP: Main features of hero life.
SPD: The main factor in speed attacking the hero.

The characteristics of the middle fame are: speed of escape, impact rate, critical damage, resistance. Damage damage. Block, press.
Dodge: Avoid damage 100% damage.
Rate of sales; Improve your success rate.
Critical: Increase your chances of getting a critical peak, which can damage your opponent.
Resistance: Increased resistance with critical effects.
Critical Damage: Increases the injury relative to the critical hit.
Blocking: Increased increase in probability can reduce damage by 50%.
Hit Hit: Reduce the chance of the enemy.

Among gardens are part of: arms, chest protection, boots, accessories, bulbs and rings.
Five-level hair quality is white and green. Blue, purple, orange

Short improvements are based on device quality.
The equipment quality is better, the higher the hard boundary.
You need to eat gold to increase your lever.

Device development can improve the quality and nature of the gear.
You can get promotional materials by inviting Defendants.
Sleeves are maintained to enhance after the promotion.
The Lv.10 Gear can not continue.

All shipment has unique slots and unique crystal shapes.
The gearbox can not contain more than one crystal of the same color.
There is a limit on the gear unit crystal program. You can not insert crystals with higher levels than crystal slot limits.

Since crystals can not be used directly, they must be inserted into a device that allows the crystal function.
Other decisions come into force.
You see the impression in the crystal name.
There is Crystal Lv.1 ~ Lv10, and higher levels mean superior quality.

The magic loop can contribute to the basic features of heroes and pets and includes damages, protection, HP and SPD.
The magic loop has 5 levels. Each level has eight loops that are individually related to damage to heroin and animals, protection, HP, and SPD.
Each loop has 10 nodes, including 2 nodes available.
You can eat energy to explain the nodes and increase the heroes and power of animals!
Higher than the Loop Dub level, the main features you can add to your hero and your pet, but reduce the chances of throwing the nodes.

【Introduction to the Game】
Land of Fantasy is a mobile game that combines a complete fight with RPG with a strategic game. Workers may have different responsibilities in different professions. Great fighting skills, curiosity, interesting stories and more! Besides, you can create additional units at any time with soldiers! Come and find miracles for your country!

--- Tower without end ---
Go to the endless tower for great rewards!
The last tower has several towers, such as a fire tower, ice tower, lava tower, and so on. Conquer everything!

--- Cooperation --- ---
Combine other players into dungeons and save bosses.
Friends with the team.

--- Trading Marketplace ---
You can sell and get rich.
Train and become a businessman!

--- four officers, eight masters ---
There are four stores and each store has two heads.
You can change all the steps you want.
Go and play with different tasks and get a new master!
It's a different world!

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