Thursday, September 14, 2017

Crystal of Reunion Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Crystal of Re:union Guide

Make sure that the filter is pushed or pressed by pressing the arrow on the arrow on the left side.
Meet the monsters that arrive.
Removing important factors in economics.
Find out enough resources and get up to 10.

The stupid heroes got their hosts with the sword and his holy instrument.

It's great and hard, it's a business and a smartphone, but it's also a good part of it right now.

Although his joys often lead to contradictions and conflicts, he has the ability to think things even when it is challenging.

It's a great game.
He is a kind and caring person, often held as guardian of other things.

Another gentleman who loves men and women.

Hold his hands and feet to solve the problems, he is a good shepherd and cares for him.

The youth of the Year has won the youthful vigilance.

It is a good support to the king and the people, and he does so and he will never let his letters go.

Hero wants to be as strong as his fear.

He was generous to everybody and often got into the arrogance he had had from his wars. This pair is very different.

Make a list of your favorites or favorites to choose your favorite king!

Just click the icon. Join every day and pick the best of your favorite at night!

When the Crystal of Re: Union was released, the Captain High Performance Top Show is best paid to every user!

* During design, you can choose one option every day.
* Once you have defined it, you can not even call a hero.
* High officials can also report on the current result.

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