Wednesday, August 30, 2017

War in Pocket Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

As a commander in “War in Pocket”, you need to get a better understanding of your soldiers and troops.

First, there are 4 barracks in game. Different places can train different soldiers.

1-Infanity Barrack
Here you can train riflemen and the commandos.
(1) Rifleman Team
Soldiers deployed at the very beginning can explore the way and push the front line. They can automatically moves towards and attacks enemies. Make good use of them.
The ranger with strong firepower could push the front line, finishing off worthy objectives in a short time. However, he is too weak to survive long.

2-Specops Barrack
Here you can train the snipers and the flamers.
The ranged killer always eliminates the valuable units first. His long range and slow reload time make him a perfect back-line support.
The tactical unit could effective suppress massive enemies by dealing high damage, especially when working with Tear Gas. It’s short range makes it a easy target.

3-Heavy Barrack
Here you can train the MC infantries and the Bazookas.
(1)MC infantry
When you need high firepower to suppress enemies, the nightmare bringer with high firepower and survivability is always your best choice.
Despite of his long reload time, the ranged unit with high firepower could easily destroy tanks and buildings according to your need.

4-Heavy Factory
Here you can build the medium tanks and heavy tanks.
(1)Medium Tanks
The nemesis of infantry. High agility and fire power makes it good for combating against massive enemies.
(2)Heavy Tanks
The slow but vital unit could deal bonus damage to tanks and buildings. High HP, DEF and training cost make it ideal for securing victory in mid-late games.
Do you want to get further information about the game?

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During the closed beta test, we are happy to invite all players to try their hand at War in Pocket and let us know what they think. There is no NDA during the beta, and we would like to know all of your epic victories and see screenshots and videos sharing your experiences with the game. Keep in mind that war in the pocket is still developing, you see and play in the test Beta is not necessarily representative of what to expect in the final game.

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