Tuesday, August 29, 2017

SuperStar SMTOWN Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Only the highest score for each groups are added to weekly top 5 score.

Your group grade is determined by the cards you equipped.
Higher your group grade is the more bonus points you will get.\

Your group theme is determined by the no of equipped cards that have the same theme.
Collect the member cards with the same themes!

To upgrade the card, you need one or more cards of the same artist that are powered up to the maximum level.

Collect higher grade card, cardbook grade also goes higher.
Show a particular group that owns the highest grade card.

What's New?
Receive Free Gift Once Everday!
Various new items await you!
3rd Anniv. Mystery Box! Do not miss the chance.

Festival Store Opening.
Clear all missions for each week.
Selected Artist's S card!
One for each week!
Maximum S card 4!
Provide after event is over!
It's time to clear all missions!

SSM 3rd Anniversary Event!
It will last 4 weeks!
Celebrate with SSM now!
Check out event notice for more details.

My Weekly Top 5 score doesn't seem right. I've got higher scores on other songs but it seems they are not added to Weekly Top 5 score.

Your ‘Weekly Top 5 Score'[which is shown at the league ranking] is the sum of the scores of the 5 highest scoring artists or groups. With that being said, if you scored high scores on two songs sung by the same artist or group, then only the higher of the two scores wiil be added to your ‘Weekly Top 5 Score‘.

My card inventory is full. What should I do?
Solution 1. You can expand your card inventory at the shop menu.
Solution 2. You can also discard cards by using unnecessary cards as power up material, or you can just sell them for Rhythm Points
You cannot sell the equipped cards.
lf you wish to sell them, unequip the cards you wish to sell first.

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